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Mrs Claire Ellis

Royal Surrey County Hospital

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Surrey, UK

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Foot & Ankle Surgery

All Patients being treated by Miss Julie Kohls this website is for you!

All your questions about surgery & aftercare are answered here

Have you had or are you planning to have surgery with Miss Julie Kohls?

Do you think that you will need to make the decision to have surgery during your next consultation?

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Laurel Joyce Welcome!!

Laurel Joyce is back in charge to run the private medical practice.

Hours 8-4 Monday - Friday

Now offering patients more choice!!!

Choose Nuffield or Mount Alvernia

1st JANUARY, 2018

Miss Julie Kohls alternates her operating slot on a Monday morning between both hospitals

Recognised by all insurers!

Same Day Urgent Appointments

Miss Julie Kohls is a Fee Approved Specialist with AXA and Fee Assured with BUPA and Aviva.

All health insurers recognise her.

BUPA Patients: We are Fee Assured and you also need your GP to write a referral letter naming Miss Kohls

Committed to Clinical Excellence in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Outstanding results need more than the latest surgical techniques and cutting edge technology. Clinical excellence also requires clear communication from your surgeon and a partnership between you the patient,  your physiotherapist and your surgeon.

Diagnostic Imaging

The quicker you have all of your investigations the quicker you will have a management plan. Our usual goal is to see you as quickly as possible in clinic and to aim to turn around your imaging and follow up within one week.

For some patients hectic work schedules necessitate a one stop consultation together with imaging. A one stop consultation is a fantastic option for the end of the day commute home. To plan a one stop consultation, we require a referral letter with enough information to plan the imaging required and lead time to schedule imaging just ahead of your appointment. We will normally be looking to organise X-rays together with either an Ultrasound or an MRI scan.

Minimally Invasive & Arthroscopic Surgery

- All Ankle Injuries


- Utilising the Newest Technologies


- Ankle Impingement Syndrome

- Minimally invasive heel shift


- Achilles tendon debridement

Nuffield Paediatric and Adult Clinics

There is a clinic all afternoon every Tueday!

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Surgeon

Knowing the right questions to ask:

​Is your Orthopaedic Surgeon Fellowship trained in Foot & Ankle Surgery?

Do you need to have surgery? Two thirds of patients seen at the FootForwardClinic are managed non-operatively.

How often does your surgeon do this surgery?

What is realistic to expect from surgery? What are the complications?

How is surgery going to impact on your life while you recover? What do you need to do to give yourself the best result?